My Best Friend Stole My Man

I Didn’t See It Coming What do you do?  Amy and I grew up together and she was like a sister to me.  We shared everything when we were kids but I never dreamed I

I Didn’t See It Coming

What do you do?  Amy and I grew up together and she was like a sister to me.  We shared everything when we were kids but I never dreamed I have to share my man as well.  But it happened, and my heart is broken.  What did I do wrong?  How could I have been so blind?  I know none of you know me out there but I wanted to share my story with the hope that I could help someone else who needs a wakeup call before it’s too late.  I’ve listed some of the signs to look for so arm yourself and be ready to battle.

1.        Your man said he was at work all day but comes home smelling like he just got out of the shower.  What do you do?  First of all, what type of work does he do?  Pay close attention to his demeanor when he walks through the door.  No one smells that fresh after a hard day’s work.

2.       Every time the phone rings, he rushes to pick it up.  Why doesn’t he want you to pick up the phone?  Is he expecting someone to call?  Pay close attention and carry the phone around with you if you have too.  The bitch on the other end is bound to slip and you’ll be there when she does.

3.       He has to go to the store around the same time every night.  He runs out of cigarettes, beer, or something and he has to have it right away.  He always seems to take the long way around to the store because it takes him at least 2 hours to get back.  Watch the clock.  Check the time he leaves and the time he returns.  If at all possible, get in the car and follow him.  This will take some planning so don’t do it unless you’re ready to know the truth.

4.       You found a pair of panties in his car.  Is your ass that small?  Think about it.  You have a washer and dryer in your home so why would you leave panties in the car?  And don’t let him tell you that he doesn’t have a clue where they came from.  You are not stupid and don’t let him try to convince you that you are.

5.       Last but not least, watch your girlfriends you have running in and out of your home.  This is where I made my mistake.  My girlfriend sat with us at the dinner table and her and my husband were playing footsies under the table and I caught them.  Can you believe it?  There was nothing that they could say.  I caught them red handed in my home.  I threw them both out at the same time.  I learned a valuable lesson from this and I will keep this letter close by me to remind me how love can come and go if you are not careful.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to trust again but I am now armed and ready for battle.  The next time I will be prepared.

So, tell us what you think.  Do you have women friends running in and out of your home?  Keep an eye out, you’d be surprised of what you might find.  We’d love to hear your comments.  And a Thank You goes out to Libby Brown for sharing her story with us.  Until the next time, keep your blogging tight……


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2 thoughts on “My Best Friend Stole My Man

  1. How sad!! Yes it is sad to read such stories and how you feel like you can’t trust your friends. Yes that would seem awkward when your man leaves for 2 hours to go and get cigarettes at the store?? Never thought about the ‘smelling fresh and clean’ after a day’s work either. Thanks for the warnings!!

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