When It’s Time To Call It Quits – How to Say Good-by

If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more.

We don’t talk anymore. How are you?  I still look for you to come through that door but I forgot, you don’t live here anymore.  Have we become those “Strangers in the Night?”  What happened, what went wrong?  I remember you saying you wanted to settle down and have kids, we tried didn’t we?  But someone stole that chance from me.  I call her blonde and blues eyes and old enough to be your daughter.  Do you blame me for our loss, its not my fault, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Every time I open the fridge to get a glass of milk, I still see those headlights glaring in front of me, It happened so fast, I’ll never forget it.  My dream of ever having kids was taken away from me in an instant.  Something I could never replace, and you just had to have that milk.  I wished you could have drank ice tea instead.  Maybe our child might be sitting across from me today.   But I wont dwell on that.  Life is too short isn’t it?  Time to move on.

Do you and what’s her name plan to have kids.  Oh don’t be shy, I heard you were at the clinic every Thursday to get that fertilizer shot.  Yea, I heard all about it.  Little Ms. What’s her name must be wearing you out.   I really miss the nights we use to share cooking on the patio and sharing a late night glass of wine.  What happened, where did it all go.  I don’t want to hold on to the past but I have to admit when I look out the window and see you coming up the driveway, I close my eyes and think I’m supposed to run to you and open the door with open arms like I use to.  But then I open my eyes and realize its over.  It will never be the same again.  I walk with a limp but that’s ok at least I’m alive.  I lost the femine side of me but that’s ok I will survive.  I hope that the rest of your life is beautiful and you find all the joy you need.  So I hope you’ve picked up the last of your clothes, please take everything now that you need.  Don’t come back to this house anymore,  I want to start to breath.  A new life is coming around me, and its been there all along.  I just didnt see it when I needed to, I’m so thankful its not too late.  So this is how you say goodby – It’s over, its done, I’m through.  And although you’ll never admit it, there will never be another love like me and you.

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