What Are You Looking For In a Man?

What are you looking for in a man?  Times have changed. You’re 60 plus now and you find yourself all alone and no one to come home to.  You think back on all the men

What are you looking for in a man?  Times have changed. You’re 60 plus now and you find yourself all alone and no one to come home to.  You think back on all the men you’ve had in your life, the good and the bad.  Do you remember any of them?  How many of them made you happy? How many of them made you sad?  Were you able to leave the relationship in one piece, meaning not being beaten to death or scared in other ways for life?  You’re starting over, so take your time.  You don’t need the heartache you had in the past.  You deserve the best, so step out and take it.  There is someone wonderful out there waiting for you. 

Let’s get serious about this. Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself.  Please leave any questions or comments you have that you want to share with others.  We want to know how you’re getting yourself together and how we can help. 

A Hot Body

Question No. 1

Are you looking for a man that’s buff?  With muscles all over his body?  Even in places you can’t see?  You might want to rethink this because if you’re thinking that your Mr. Right is sexy with buns of steel, then believe me there’s other women out there thinking the same thing too.  Maybe even other men.  And you have to admit, with that many muscles, he probably spends more time looking in the mirror than you do.  He thinks he is gorgeous and at the top of his game.  His biggest thrill is watching other women drool all over him.  Do you really want a man like this in your life?  Ok, you’re right, he might be good eye candy and to show off when you walk in the club.  But if you have to wonder how many women are really in his life.  All the numbers in his phone and who is calling him all thru the night.  My advice to you, don’t do it.  You want a man with brains in his head, not in his DICK. 

Keep Looking

Question No. 2

How many boys have you changed to men, teaching them how to love?  I’m sure you’ve groomed a dozen or two but in the end they left you alone.  It’s ok to date a younger man if this is what you really want, but be prepared for all the bullshit as soon as you walk out that door.  The first thing you’ll hear is, “She’s old enough to be your mother, what on earth you want her for” and pay attention to his reaction, he’s putting it in your face. He’s ashamed to be seen with you so he hides when around his friends.  Is this what a real man should do?  You don’t need this kind of harassment.   You are beautiful and you are powerful and you deserve the best.  A strong woman needs a strong man.  Your relationship cannot be rocky.  Truth is the beginning of a relationship.  Build upon that truth and nothing can tear it down.    

So, think about what we just discussed.  Each week, we’ll get into a little more understanding and decision making.  Record your thoughts and please leave your comments.  And again, if you have any questions or would like to private email me, I’m here for you.  Just reach out. 

2 thoughts on “What Are You Looking For In a Man?

  1. This is great advice! It took me such a long time to realize that looks should never be number one on my list of attributes I look for in a man. Obviously, I must be attracted to him, but finding someone who I connect with on an emotional level raises attraction levels anyway. It is so true about other women OR MEN wanting what you have if you date someone who is all about the way they look. I literally dealt with this situation, and yes my man cheated with another man! I had no idea he swung both ways, but since that experience, I am MUCH more cautious with choosing who I allow myself to fall for.

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